1st International Conference on Emerging Trends in Food Processing (ETFP-2024) will be organized by the Department of Food Engineering, NED University of Engineering and Technology on March 6-7 April 29-30, 2024. ETFP-2024 aims to provide meeting ground for the experts, researchers, and practitioners from all corners of the world to share their knowledge and experiences, and to discuss the latest trends and best practices in food processing. It will take place in Karachi, Pakistan. Karachi is the largest and most populous city in Pakistan, situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea. It is a bustling metropolitan with a rich history, diverse culture, and vibrant economy. Karachi is known for its iconic landmarks, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality. NED university of Engineering and technology is in the east of the city. It is the oldest engineering university in Pakistan offering multiple teaching and research programmes.

Conference Scope:

ETFP-2024 aims to establish a forum where experts, researchers, and practitioners from various sectors can exchange knowledge and experiences on emerging trends in food processing. Through engaging presentations, thoughtful discussions, and productive collaborations, the conference seeks to contribute to a more sustainable and secure food future. The event will take place on 6th-7th March 29th-30th April 2024 at NED University of Engineering and Technology and feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and presentations by renowned industry experts and academics. We anticipate that the conference will draw a diverse and sizable audience.

Scope of the conference includes but not limited to the following topics:

  • Conventional and Emerging Food Processing Technologies

  • Food Safety & Hygiene

  • Food Packaging

  • Biotechnology

  • Process Modeling and Simulation

  • Food Safety

  • Food Future, Innovation and Management